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Opnmarket is an online catalog program that allow you to browse and download windows mobile software directly to window mobile devices. More than hundred program is available for instant download and the best part its fully free. This is a ‘must have’ software incase youre roaming in mobile or wifi. Hence this eliminates  necessary uses of activesync host which requried to pair with pc for installing program.

For 1st time users, 2 minute simple registration is needed. this create users login for new Freewarepocketpc account. Register is convenience because users doesnt need to verify account via email. So the program will prompt email and password for login.

Alots of software categorized for convenience browsing include games. Popular download and ‘features’ software is recommended which might usefull to use later. The number of software quite limit and depends on community involvement by uploading files to freewarepocketpc server. However,  its a lot better than Microsoft Marketplaces program which preinstalled with WM 6.5

The software download available file from server and install program known setup files (.CAB) into your devices. Once program installed into devices the setup/CAB files was deleted. To see which software been installed, browse to ‘My app’ to list up all the program installed (via Omarket). Select the software to see detail, comments or to uninstall.

Omarket was developed by and compatible with windows mobile 5 & 6.

Download here – via Freewarepocketpc


Capacitive and Resistive

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Most  Winmo devices using resistive or single touch technology which requiring sharp edge stylus for touchscreen interaction.  When Apple iphone release, the display come with capacitive technology or to simplify as ‘multiple touch’ technology (or multitouch).  What makes capacitive screen responsive is capable of detecting multiple point and reading large pressure point by using finger.

Thus capacitive increase ergonomics and finger friendly than a small point stylus. So this is the main ‘recipe’ what makes iphone somehow better than winmo devices, imagine if iphone was using similar resistive screen with stylus which os no much different with winmo devices at all.

Capacitive doesnt mean the iphone is faster than winmo, just the mac base UI built simple and faster.  After HTC release the  Touch HD2, winmo is actually faster and responsive such like the  iphone OS. Its the different platform but truly capacitive has ergonomics purpose for finger friendly.


Years before Retina Display

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Last week Apple iPhone 4G come with impressive screen resolution which is two times better than previous iphone screen. Like a VGA resolution came after QVGA 6 years ago, double the previous resolution (320×480 to 640 x 960). Up to date iphone 4G is the highest mobile phone resolution with ‘Retina display’ marketing gimmick.

Previously, we do have similar gimmick before. PDA gurus Anton Kotov review Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC PDA explain it has better clarity screen quality compare any winmo PDA on that time. The Dell Axim uses VGA screen againts ordinary common winmo devices with QVGA screen. This indicate a VGA screen  (640 x 480)  has better resolution than QVGA (Quarter VGA) (320 x 240).

In my previous article, “VGA vs QVGA”, both devices was compare to see the different and usability. Its proven VGA screen has more pixel density and increase readability and  ‘retina’ friendly.


However, VGA screen technology does not affect most common developers due the cost and power consuming factor. Its somehow VGA always being underrate  leaving winmo devices stuck few years with major QVGA screen development. VGA device discriminate for high end devices like Dell Axim X50/51v, iPaq4700,  Imate JasJar and o2 Flame.

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Windows Phone 7 in row

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These are the image of the Windows Phone 7. Its the first row images where there sitting together and saying ‘im better’ each other …

Left = Samsung, Middle =  Asus (as seen in MWC2010), Right = LG


link via engadget

WP7s – The curse and the bad

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Microsoft making suprise by limits the WP7s capabality. These are the ‘flaw’ of WP7s

  • No Multitasksing – all background program closed
  • Marketplaces is the ‘only’ way to install program – we need jailbreak
  • No removable storage – hmm
  • No filesystem – perhaps no file management
  • No USB mode ( Mass Storage mode ?) –  maybe its  MTP mode
  • No program default for browser – like IE  is default instead Opera
  • No 3rd party shell – hahaha… this is suicide
  • No native code -okay
  • No peer to peer gaming – dont care
  • No Copy and Paste – not okay

This is unacceptable … =(

HD2 running on WP7s ?

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A netherlands winmo site has post up image of HD2 might running in WP7s. They saying running WP7s is alot faster & smoother than wm6.5 due clean and better kernel.

Some brief (google translator )

  • Multilingual
    What immediately struck by the first boot: multilingualism!
    Windows Phone 7 Series expresses a nice Dutch word as you start the screen (with the tiles / hubs) can see.
    Or something of that multilingualism “children” build is a good question, because it is quite possible that the final version with different language versions will work, just as is the case.
  • Hubs
    These hubs are great and resemble the shortcuts on the home screen of HTC Sense.
    You can find contacts, applications, shortcuts to websites, widgets and place shortcuts to files.
    The pictures hub takes the space of two standard hubs consuming and leave a slideshow with nice effects.
  • TomTom Navigator?
    Very strange but true: the ROM contains a TomTom Navigator (see the shortcut on HD2). It is version 7.916.9189 and touching the icon will launch that TomTom Navigator just that you’re used to.  So ehh …. TomTom is already working in the context of developing a package for Windows 7 Series Phone?
  • Fast!
    Windows 7 Phone Series is FAST!
    So fast that it seems the Snapdragon processor of the HD2 but at half speed runs under Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • SMS problem
    Good news: Windows 7 Phone Series on the HTC HD2 not affected by the super-annoying SMS problem.
  • Zune does not
    This ROM works unfortunately none of the Zune multimedia features (all error messages, etc.).

Source, via

p/s :- Could be photoshop of still images …

Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7

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Few days ago, Microsoft announce Windows Phone 7 (aka windows mobile 7).  We heard lots of positive (and negative) reaction of the new built from-the-scratches-OS which has common look like Zune HD. From now Windows Mobile 7 are entitle to Windows Phone 7 (WP7s)

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