Release : Crossbow Ultimate (WM6 theme for Wisbar)


:: Preface ::
After long awaiting of Xcilion VGA skins, and drooling of envy due multiple Crossbow QVGA skin release. So, I decide to built Crossbow skins from scratches. It may not perfect like original but ‘nearly closed’ .

:: Part 1 – Crossbow (default), ULM & ULSD ::

This Crossbow consist of 4 of my favorite color (update 27-1-08, one skins added) The gradient color was enriched unlike on original crossbow skins. While the original crossbow theme has dark gradient color at each corner, my version has vibrant gradient and intend to avoid ‘dark’ color on certain PDA that has gamma issue.

There are 4 color available;
|-Amaranth (red)
|-Black lite
|-Sephia (brown)
|-Skyland (blue)
|-Aurora (*) update on 27-1-08

Each theme consist of 3 subtheme theme
|-Crossbow Default -no sound, no start menu background, @ Lite version
|-Crossbow ULM -start sound, with background start menu
|-Crossbow ULSD -same as ULM but alternate start menu icons

last update
-(*)new skin added, Aurora
-skin update volume & control panel revamped, base on VST volume/control panel

:: Part 2 – Crossbow VST ::

Crossbow VST also know as Vista version is my 2nd experiment with Vista gradient color, the volume bubble and control panel was redefine

There are 2 color available;
|-VST (default is Black / Midnight Blue color)
|-VST Glass White
Each theme has 2 version with different todays background menu


: :Part 3 – Crossbow NTR ::

Actually Im not intend to release the skin due incompatible landscape mode, its was was delay before doing the VST. The skins perfect portrait mode with supplied today screen, but you still can use in landscape mode with no problem. enjoy

Crossbow part 3

:: Instruction ::
1. Copy the Crossbow into your Wisbar Advance 2 theme folder
2. The fonts should be copied inside font folder
3. Put the tsk on My document // or root of your memory card (for WM5)

:: Disclaimer ::
As EULA and bla bla bla, the Microsoft logo & icons is from Microsoft, please acknowledge my name if you plan to redistributed. There are several unknown author images used on today screen, credits for the ‘unknown’ For QVGA users, someone already release for QVGA, if you want conversion gimme some qvga devices

“peace be upon you my friends”
-enCORe, Oct 2007, Kuala Lumpur



~ by encoreppc on October 10, 2007.

11 Responses to “Release : Crossbow Ultimate (WM6 theme for Wisbar)”

  1. Hi enCore

    I am really interested in a QVGA tsk version of Crossbow VST (black). Do you have any or know where I could possible find them?

  2. hey knaak,
    sorry, I only have VGA devices atm .. but Im willing for QVGA conversion, plz check your mail in few days ­čÖé

  3. encoreppc, that’s absolute great!

  4. sorry, absoluteLYgreat ! Many thanks!

  5. hey the skin seems absolutely wonderful, but alas… i need the qvga version of crossbow VST, is there anyway i wud check my e-mail n be surprised ;p !!

  6. arif,
    What I have mention for conversion is only a today screen ie today screen in QVGA resolution. Its not a full theme conversion as I dont have QVGA devices for testing, sorry bro arif

  7. […] continue Filed under: Wisbar skins   |   […]

  8. hi…where can I get the QVGA version of the black one…tnx.

  9. pooyan, sorry I have no qvga version atm,

  10. I would love to download the crossbow ulm sephia BROWN, and the crossbow ulm amaranth RED vga today screens. could i be sent the link for just those 2 vga screens.

  11. hi harri,

    you can download the theme files from here,

    Choose “Crossbow Ultimate Upd3 Final WA2.rar for Wisbar skins

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