iPAQ 4700 – WM6 Kozhura rom


It was the greatest news for ipaq 4700 users since Windows Mobile 5 upgrade for ipaq 4700. However this upgrade degrade performances. Even the patches release unable to solve the compaction cramp. My ipaq become slower and sluggish, very not usabilty with freezing compaction thread issue. This is happened when OS process read and rewriting the memory. Due persistent technology on WM5, it require a fast nand rom for optimum operation. But for devices with nor rom, this new kernel will slower down process like hell. Which means it has no solution for old devices that come with nor rom system.

After updates abandoned by HP, a genius L33T-russian-PDAgeek known kozhura release a better ‘cooked rom’ for iPAQ 4700 WM5, by far this upgrade oustanding performances over official patches for WM5 release by HP.



Late August 2007, once again he suprising the iPAQ 4700 users with a released ßeta WM6 rom. One conclusion, it is the fastest WM devices yet I ever used!. It has WM2003 performances with persistent WM5 storage. Alot more responsive and faster than any WM5 cooked rom. Oh well like no other wm6 rom, bugs still appear on this rom but alot if fixed was made. The compaction issue still exist, but it may be overcome by limit program installation into devices. For best result, only installed essential program into devices memory, other remain program should be installed in memory card.

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Update: During 6.1 rom development Kozhura suprisingly announce to step out WM6 Rom development for ipaq 4700. We @ Ipaq 4700 users, XDA community and fans would like to thank you for your effort and time. He officialy announced to ‘went out from rom cooking’ on his thread (1st post) 23-02-2008 @ XDA developer forum. The ipaq 4700 community still hope some will continue his work again.

Update2: Sanjay dedicate new thread for iPAQ 4700 to continue WM6.1 rom establishment. The continuing of WM6 rom development convince the left out Kozhura return for rom cooking,


~ by encoreppc on November 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “iPAQ 4700 – WM6 Kozhura rom”

  1. d*mn, u didnt tell me u hav a blog, d*mn, then i wont start my lame 1 la! but i can understand wat u writing though.. muahahahahaha! keep it up bro!

  2. actually, its you start my working for this blog ben 🙂

  3. Hmm does this work for a rz1710 too?

  4. edwin, this rom only applicable for HP RX 4700 and 4705 model

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