Review : i-mate Ultimate 6150

PhoneArena Team publish Windows Mobile VGA phone review; i-mate Ultimate 6150.

Most people’s first reaction when they see i-mate 6150 is negative. It is usually compared to building materials (brick). The phone really is massive and heavy. Its weight is justified by the fact that the front panel and the back lid are made out of metal.
Most consumers do not realize that the phone is designed for work. From this aspect, 6150’s appearance is very nice without any unnecessary elements. Unfortunately, its shape is quite uncomfortable and could be quite irritating during a talk – team phonearena

Key specs

i-mate 6150 is a quad-band Pocket PC with tri-band UMTS and HSDPA support. It features 65k Color VGA touch screen, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, Direct Video Out, FM Radio and microSD slot for memory. It runs Windows Mobile 6 and is powered by 520MHz processor.

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encore says ~

It appear i-mate 6150 come with internal Graphic Processor Unit, GoForce 5500 however there was no application/games to benefits this function ( -_- ). Design is ok, I think its for executive look. The thumbstick was aligned to the right for right hand users benefit… no idea for the left hand , uhm…maybe 180 screen rotation will do. 🙂


~ by encoreppc on August 13, 2008.

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