Pre-Review : Sony Xperia detail review

I consider this is the most detail review yet publish on the web yet. Its a worth reading for VGA WM enthuthias.

Here quotes

“Comparisons between Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and HTC Touch Pro are a well expected and natural thing; still, something very important should be kept in mind: positioning, which brings up explainable differences in implementation of certain features. SE think that X1 ought to be a marriage between luxury and technology, standing for an extensive use of metal, a grotesque form factor (concave slider) and so on”.

Like Toshiba G900 and G910, Sony Xperia uses WVGA screen. But alas, due Wide VGA screen resolution, compatible software is an issue.

“The screen is nearly ideal – a large 3’’ matrix supporting a 800×480 resolution. The picture quality is amazingly high – all the details are clear-cut and bright, sporting wide view angles. The screen of X1 displays a good resistance to the direct sunlight, the screen image fades off but slightly. The only observable flow is the necessity of additional software support for the non-canon 800×480 resolution, some of the applications failed to launch in a correct viewmode and it will take the software developers for some time to address the issue”.

By the end of review, some issue quite bother me, smape finds that Xperia has no 3d acceleretor which is quite awefull…

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~ by encoreppc on August 30, 2008.

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