Release – Prot’n V2 for WA3

Prot’n V2 for WA3 – (part 1 of 2)

:: Preface ::

(Pardon my english) This is my 6th skins release for Wisbar Advance 3 skin for VGA devices. Another longest time (4 months) consume than my previous release. Iv alot trouble funding for VGA phone before. It start from one my (very best friends from lakeridge) send me QVGA devices for theme development. Im just a low wage admin clerk and not affordable to buy good WM PDA phone (atm I only use ipaq 4700 for theme development).

So this put me 2x work for skin testing which is very time consuming (and tired) for making VGA and re-built QVGA at once. I hope he (my friends)  dont mind if I trade with VGA phone. So I trade with Toshiba G900 because its the cheaper choices I have. Its basically a VGA but the resolution is Wide VGA (WVGA) which has very good good screen quality (65k colors!) . Its was nice but a bit sluggish for my theme developement.

By the end of the month, Ive sold my Toshiba and invest for XDA o2 Flame. I was aware of the Flame GPU driver issue but I think it was the best one due large screen (3.5′). The specs is very good but OS just WM5 =( . Oh well, I dont care as long it has good amount of RAM, stable rom and large screen. WAD2 require alots of RAM and troublesome for old devices like iPAQ 4700 that only have 64mb RAM (plus anoyying compaction thread due lower RAM space remains. So I buy a used o2 Flame for the sake of theme development.

This eliminates my barrier for WAD2 development.

encore wishing happy eid for moslem, Salam Barakath and Selamat Hari Raya

:: Introduction ::

“Prot’n” name was choosed due from Photon (WM7) name and skins. The 1st version (release) become Vista theme a like. So Iv reconstruct the theme base from original skins with HTC theme and WM7 layout. Due my skill limits, I couldnt replicates exact to WM7 layout, but then, I should let some differences to avoid ‘overly’ expectation. Enjoy my theme

Prot’n can be pronounce ‘Pro-turn’ or ‘Pro-ton’. [Pro-turn to be exact]

::File Description::
|-“V2 WA3.rar”
This is Wisbar Advance 3 theme files, extract on your theme folder
ie = devices\program files\lakeridge\wisbar Advance\themes\[copy here]

|-“V2 todayscreen.rar
This files use for background wallpaper aka todayscreen (*.tsk). extract on your root of your devices or memory card
ie = \devices\ or \memory card\ or \my documents\
Filenaming legend: PT = portrait, LS = landscape, PB = Pocketbreeze, SP = Special (Bonus)

|-“V2 Psshutxp.rar
This is custom skins for psshutxp, extract both GIF files on psshutxp program files.
ie = devices\program files\psshutxp\[copy here]

|-“V2 Fonts.rar
This is custom font type extract files inside windows fonts folder
ie = devices\windows\fonts\[copy here]

Download link via lakeridge forum


~ by encoreppc on September 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “Release – Prot’n V2 for WA3”

  1. Heard you were working on qvga version for this skin as well. Isnt chance this is near to release?

  2. Yes, 😀
    Im currenty work for QVGA conversion, with “cyrilphoenix” collaboration.

  3. thats truly great news!!

  4. Hey
    After copy all folders, what i have to do ?
    I don’t understand very well.

  5. open the settings > theme > browse to the folder and you should see 3 skins names, select one and apply the settings ,

  6. I understand maybe why it didn’t work !!
    It’s because my storage card is named as “Carte de stockage” and i have a qvga mobile ( HTC KAISER )
    Because i’ve also try to install windows device 7 and in all files it’s written \ S t o r a g e C a r d \ instead of \ C a r t e D e S t o c k a g e \ for me

  7. Yes, i’ve tried with an english rom and it works fine, so this skin works only with english rom 😦

  8. precisely, its for english rom only, however you can editing the script with notepad (*.wisbar) and save as to 2ndary language.

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