Release – Protn V2 for WAD2

Prot’n V2 for WAD2 – (part 2 of 2)

:: Release ::
This is my 1st time making WAD skins, sorry for some require “unprepared” files to achieve satissfaction result. This theme is for WAD2 plugins. Click here for WA3 skins

This theme require installing WAD2 program in main memory/ main devices, installing into storage card will have alignment issue

:: Files Description ::

1 – “V2 WAD2.rar” is WAD2 theme files which contain “Protn v2 r3” folder (and files). Copy this files into theme folder


main devices\program files\lakeridge\wisbar advance desktop\theme\ [copy the “Protn v2 r3” folder here]

2 – “Wp Stardock VGA icons.rar” is not my files, these files actually for wheatherpanel for icons but WAD2 can read these icons for our WAD theme

Copy anywhere location you may like. There should be 3 sub inside folder extracted, let alone copying main folder. Once copy the files, tap and hold anywhere on WAD screen, on the prompt list enter to Settings, go to Icons tab, Browse the icon files Large to large folder and small to mini or default size you may like. Ensure youve locate your wheater area in wheather tab, ie select your location or wheater your wheather wont be updated

3 – “V2 Fonts.rar” is font files which been used for Protn v2 theme. Its compulsary to achieve same result. Copy the files (not the folder!) on windows font folder


main devices\windows\fonts\ [copy the font files here]

Download links from here


~ by encoreppc on September 30, 2008.

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