Gigabyte GSmart MW998

Base on articles from, on the early 2008 Gigabyte has ‘upcoming devices’ . However its been a long waiting untill now, we never heard anything news about GSmart WM998. The main factor is VGA screen equipped with Intel 2700g GPU, successful since Dell Axim X50v & 51v. However the available RAM is very low, only 64MB.

Specs Details


source from

One thing for sure, if its come with large amount of RAM this thing would knockout HTC Diamond variants. The answer lies on on its successful GPU. It plays Dell Axim 3D and Open GL games, and most important capable playing 720p & h264, raw ‘avi’ videos without much slowdown. From the chart above the MW998 is 150% -200% faster than Diamond qualcomm GPU !!!

ps;  screw o2 and nvidia for ignoring hardware support my Flame 😡


~ by encoreppc on October 9, 2008.

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