Articles – HTC Diamond variant graphics performance issues!

Oh mine, HTC why you still developing brainless devices ?  DSK from discussing a matter of HTC variant facing similar issue like Kaiser/ Tytn.  A lots of VGA enthutiast know that HTC Diamond variant doesnt fully utilize its GPU, but actually THERES MORE;

The fact is that the old X-scale intel chips had special MMX registers to speed up various things, including video decoding, which the Qualcom chips lack. If your codec cant take advantage of for example the mp4 decoding built into the qualcom chips then you will never benifit, even if you had all the drivers in the world.


HTC Diamond, Pro and HD is in the same family. Its believe the Touch HD users user will face same problem because alot of them expect to uses as multimediaplayer.


Photo source: Romanian CHIP magazine, December 2008.

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~ by encoreppc on December 3, 2008.

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