News – Toshiba G01 (WVGA)

It seem alots of VGA devices is coming. After G900 and G910 failure, they have improve new devices with 3D and fresh UI for better usabilty. 


Its possibly the Snapdragon was using ATI GPU to compete with nVidia Tegra.

“Behind the pretty facade however the TG01 is actually a beast, being the first announced device with Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon QSD2850 chipset with dynamic speed control to ensure good battery life. This apparently allows the device to run Windows Mobile 6.1 pretty snappily, not to mention apparently run full Flash without any issue at all. It also features Toshiba’s own 3D user interface, which features vertical blinds and swiping gestures. Phone calls can be answered by shaking the phone, and the accelerometer can also be used to rotate the screen”  –Slashgear

however  the most interesting part is the screen quality, 

“The screen also has many of Toshiba’s HDTV technologies, including color matching, dynamic gamma correction and LCD backlight control.  A microSDHC slot supports cards up to 32GB; it’s unclear what internal memory the TG01 has”  –Slashgear


Looks okay, but I rather wait and see because my dissatissfaction with G900



~ by encoreppc on February 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “News – Toshiba G01 (WVGA)”

  1. Totally agree as a ex G900 owner wich was also a beast when it came on the market I leave the betatesting to others .
    What disapointed me the most when using the G900 was the total lack of support from Toshiba . If thats the same then better stay away from it however good it looks . I only manage to get the G900 working decently thanks to the support of group of enthousiast on the site and not thanks to Toshiba there support was non existence.

    • you right, my previous Toshiba G900 quite lagged due un-optimized GoForce device drivers, we should wait and see

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