HD2 running on WP7s ?

A netherlands winmo site has post up image of HD2 might running in WP7s. They saying running WP7s is alot faster & smoother than wm6.5 due clean and better kernel.

Some brief (google translator )

  • Multilingual
    What immediately struck by the first boot: multilingualism!
    Windows Phone 7 Series expresses a nice Dutch word as you start the screen (with the tiles / hubs) can see.
    Or something of that multilingualism “children” build is a good question, because it is quite possible that the final version with different language versions will work, just as is the case.
  • Hubs
    These hubs are great and resemble the shortcuts on the home screen of HTC Sense.
    You can find contacts, applications, shortcuts to websites, widgets and place shortcuts to files.
    The pictures hub takes the space of two standard hubs consuming and leave a slideshow with nice effects.
  • TomTom Navigator?
    Very strange but true: the ROM contains a TomTom Navigator (see the shortcut on HD2). It is version 7.916.9189 and touching the icon will launch that TomTom Navigator just that you’re used to.  So ehh …. TomTom is already working in the context of developing a package for Windows 7 Series Phone?
  • Fast!
    Windows 7 Phone Series is FAST!
    So fast that it seems the Snapdragon processor of the HD2 but at half speed runs under Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • SMS problem
    Good news: Windows 7 Phone Series on the HTC HD2 not affected by the super-annoying SMS problem.
  • Zune does not
    This ROM works unfortunately none of the Zune multimedia features (all error messages, etc.).

Source winmo.nl, via wmpowerusers.com

p/s :- Could be photoshop of still images …


~ by encoreppc on February 17, 2010.

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