Years before Retina Display

Last week Apple iPhone 4G come with impressive screen resolution which is two times better than previous iphone screen. Like a VGA resolution came after QVGA 6 years ago, double the previous resolution (320×480 to 640 x 960). Up to date iphone 4G is the highest mobile phone resolution with ‘Retina display’ marketing gimmick.

Previously, we do have similar gimmick before. PDA gurus Anton Kotov review Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC PDA explain it has better clarity screen quality compare any winmo PDA on that time. The Dell Axim uses VGA screen againts ordinary common winmo devices with QVGA screen. This indicate a VGA screen  (640 x 480)  has better resolution than QVGA (Quarter VGA) (320 x 240).

In my previous article, “VGA vs QVGA”, both devices was compare to see the different and usability. Its proven VGA screen has more pixel density and increase readability and  ‘retina’ friendly.


However, VGA screen technology does not affect most common developers due the cost and power consuming factor. Its somehow VGA always being underrate  leaving winmo devices stuck few years with major QVGA screen development. VGA device discriminate for high end devices like Dell Axim X50/51v, iPaq4700,  Imate JasJar and o2 Flame.

By this time, WideVGA devices appear like Sharp E-one and Toshiba G900. However, WVGA user mostly disappointed of lacking software support. Unlike VGA devices WVGA incompatible with most QVGA running software. This similar problem was also occur with WQVGA devices like Omnia (1). Leaving VGA screen are the best choice due most older software built for QVGA are compatible.

After few years experimenting, HTC announce a short return of VGA screen ‘HTC Diamond and Touch Pro’ with successful increase of VGA screen devices. In few month they come with huge number of WVGA devices succeed Diamond 2 until HD2.

And finally, the iphone 4g has ‘nice retina display resolution’ … and alots of people come to buy it.. 😛

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