PPCGeeks claim on Winmo7

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I only can sigh.. I really dont like hate the red part

-The User Interface is based upon codename “METRO”. It will be very similar to the Zune HD User Interface with a complete revamp of the “Start” screen. The UI is “Very Clean”, “Soulful” and “Alive”
-Unfortunately there will be no Flash support at the get go as there was not enough time to implement these features.
-Windows Phone 7 will only support application installation through service based delivery. (i.e Marketplace). Application installation via storage card will not be possible.
No Multi-Task support. Applications will “Pause” when in the background, however will support notifications via push notifications.
-Marketplace will now support “try before you buy” as well as an API
-No NETCF backwards compatibility. This means the original rumor of no backward compatibility for applications holds to be true. That being said, there are high hopes of porting the NetCF to the newer platform easily.
-Microsoft is confident that devices will be ready by September 2010
-Full Zune Integration
-Windows Mobile Device Center will no longer be used. Zune software to take over syncing via PC.
OEM Interfaces will not be allowed to run on the device. Say goodbye to Sense UI / SPB Mobile Shell / Point UI / Infinity, etc, etc
-Full XBOX Gaming Integration (Gamer tag, achievements, friends, avatars, merchandising, etc)
-Full support for social networking.

This is a BAD movess, I hope this not gonna happen and assume as rumour. Dayum I hate this …!!!



Windows Mobile 7 @ MWC2010

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Gustavo – Muycomputer speculate Microsoft @ MWC (Mobile World Congress) will present  Winmo 7 preview or Zune base phone. He confirm the phone was base on Tegra which been use before with Zune HD. MuyComputer says the phone will have a 480 x 272 screen resolution (oppose to WVGA speculation) with  HDMI video out.

I think its a Zune phone with winmo7 inside

Source (in Spanish) Gustavo – Muycomputer

Windows Mobile 7 phone specs analysis

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Disclaimer : Consider as rumour and speculations, as a blogger, I only passes and spread news content.

Snip of a twitter speculating wm7 specs

  • Windows Mobile 7 should be known as ‘Seven’
  • Will have Zune Phone Experience and Zune music integration
  • Come with 2 version, a strip down ‘Business’ version and full ‘Media’ /ME version. Bussiness version might have different developer customisation.
  • Minimal resolution is 800 x 480 (WVGA) but some device like LG Apollo come with 1280 x 720 (720p)  display resolution !
  • Possible processor used are Tegra (used with Zune HD) and Qualcomm QSD 8650 (1.Ghz), the existing Qualcomm Snapdragon 1Ghz used with HD2, Acer Neotouch and Toshiba TG01 still not clear support ‘Seven’ mobile
  • Cloud bases assisted GPS ‘Orion’, this features sort of Google My Location services,

ok no photos atm, I’ll update later

source from here, via

source eldar twitter

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Gaming : FPSE with Snapdragon

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Numbers of  3D games with Winmo devices is very limit and not really smooth. But with powerfull Snapdragon processor, FPSE author now able to running PSX games almost perfect.

GT2 (Grand Tourismo 2) with Toshiba TG-01

Lara Croft with Toshiba TG-01

Tekken 3 with Toshiba-01

Give a try from here (link to FPSE)

Xperia X2 – RIP 4-1-2010

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Its officially that Sony Xperia 2 has been thrown up from the list of Vodaphone UK. But rather believe this must be relate with ‘trouble specification’. It still using the obselete slow-known processor; the Qualcomm MSM 7200 for year 2010 ?

Oh Sony Why dont you learn ?

from wmpowerusers.com

Review: Acer s200 Neotouch

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Gareth from mobiletechaddicts blog make review on  Acer seotouch s200, which believe cheap alternative Snapdragon devices instead HTC Leo/ HD2. The review is quite simple and straight forward.

Apparently Acer s200 is not capacitive screen (aka multitouch) which is a major wasted for Snapdragon devices. The camera quality also was not likely ‘remarkable’


Click here to read more

HTC HD2 vs Acer NeoTouch

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Below are the famous Matrix trailer used for benchmark using Coreplayer WITHOUT acceleration.

Suprisingly the cheaper Acer Neo Touch is alot more smoother than HD2. HD have more larger screen which wont be issue since the resolution is the same. Or Perhaps HD2 rom not fully utilize yet.

Honestly this comparison tempting me Neo Touch over HD2.